Slime Cup - Animated Show Opener

Slime Cup is a new golf show on Nickelodeon, where celebrities play golf on several cartoon golf courses. There were about 6 golf and over 200 VFX shots that were done on the show. I modeled, textured, and animated all the set assets for each of the golf courses. Sponge Bob, Loudhouse, TMNT, and Paw Patrol

My Role : Modeling, 3D animation and Look dev

Client Nickelodeon

Year 2022

Animated 3D Set Extensions

Here are some animated Icons I created for the show, these icons were used as assets to be placed on the golf course


VFX and Compositing

Adding to our task were VFX and Compositing. Over 250 shots were done on the show, and over 6 VFX artists worked on this. I used Redshift for rendering each shot and After Effects for compositing


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